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Tips to Fight Those Winter Blues ❄️

Hey friends! ☺️👋🏻

It’s the heart of winter and if you’re like me, you’re reallllllllly sick of the cold and darkness of the winter months. And I’m even writing this blog post as it’s snowing cats and dogs out, and I’m so glad I’m cuddled up on the couch instead of trekking out in the snow. Of course with a blanket too. 😉#cozylife

But I often think about how these winter blues are just getting my down! Looking out and seeing feet upon feet of snow piled up everywhere makes me feel so, for lack of a better work, blah!

I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way so I thought instead of complaining about it more, I would share some tips in case you’re fighting those winter blues too.💙

Wear Bright Colors

This is a small yet simple way to add a little more brightness to even the bleakest of days. Even though I would say that the majority of my clothes are either black or gray, I do have quite a few bright, colorful tops that just make me so happy when I wear them! I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel like I’m on a sunny vacation when I wear some bright colors . It puts me in such a better mood! ☀️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Start a Project

Winter is a great time to start a project indoors. A couple of my favorites include decluttering, organizing my kitchen cabinets, and filing away important paperwork into color-coded binder sections. It makes me feel so organized! It can basically be a jumpstart on “Spring cleaning” 😜

Try and Experiment with Winter Mood Foods

Winter Mood Foods including but not limited to: Soup (here is a site with some delicious, cozy soups), chili, hotdish, stew, basically any warm comfort food. I love spending a cold winter day inside eating a nice bowl of homemade soup. It just warms my heart (and insides lol).


Seriously though. I am not a person that LOVES exercising. Running does not give me a “high”; I do not lift very heavy weights. BUT. I have come to appreciate how important exercising is and for the mind and the body. Even though it’s sometimes hard to get the motivation to leave my cozy couch and into the gym, I feel SOO much better afterwards. 💪🏻Plus, it’s giving me a way to prepare for summer and hanging out by the pool!

Hang out with Positive People

This is an easy one. Surrounding yourself with positive people = better mentality and just overall happier life. It’s simple math. Me and my two bestest friends try and take some time every couple of weeks (it can be difficult with such different work schedules) and make an effort to get together for brunch at Perkins or at one of our houses and eat pizza and catch up. So many pancakes and many more laughs. ❤️True friends are the absolute best.

Plan something to look forward to

This can be anything: a sunny beach vacation, running a marathon, going on a weekend trip, ANYTHING! Having something to look forward to during the long, LONG winter months makes it worth while. Kind of like, “the light at the end of the tunnel” type of thing.

Hopefully these tips help you if you are looking for something to fight those winter blues. Spring will be here soon enough friends! We’re almost there! ☺️

Stay Cozy!


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