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THE MONTH | February 2019

Hey friends! ☺️

Can you believe that February is over already?? This year is going by so fast! Anyways I thought I would do a recap of the month of February, what I got up to, things like that.

Feb 2nd

I celebrated my 25th birthday with my family. We celebrated the weekend before because my birthday was during the week and #work. My dad bought this delicious chocolate cake from Cub 😋

Feb 6th

It’s ma birthday!! My 25th birthday to be exact. A quarter of a century.

My 25th birthday #FOTD. Not too shabby.

I celebrated the actual day by putting in a full days work at my job, going to the gym, and then ordering myself a pizza from Pizza Lucé. See gloruous pizza below. I also wrote a blog post on 25 Things I learned in 25 Years, if you fancy a read.

The “Ruby Rae” pizza from Pizza Lucé. SO good. 😋

Feb 14th

February 14th. The holiday of love. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, I think it’s such a sweet reminder to show appreciation for the people you love. My boyfriend was in town and so I surprised him by ordering Angel Food Bakery donuts that spelt “I Love You!” They were so cute and very delicious! 💕Because Valentine’s Day is known for busy restaurants, neither of us wanted to go out somewhere to eat, so we ordered in. Thank God for Doordash. We got some Zoup! which is one of my new favorite places. There was one that just opened up in Eagan, MN. My favorite’s are the Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque and the Zesty Chicken Bacon sandwich.

Feb 15th

This was the day we flew out to North Carolina to visit some friends. I won’t go into too much detail because I already rambles for FAR too long in this post, so check it out if you want to know what we got up while in North Carolina.

At the airport with our Caribou Coffee. A travel necessity.

Feb 19th

We got back from North Carolina and I think we went to bed at like 9pm. Or at least I did. 😂Unfortunately I had to wake up and get to work the next day because I had some meetings scheduled, otherwise I was VERY tempted to extend my vacation another day. My boyfriend had the day off so he slept in and relaxed. I’m jealous.

Oh, and we had another snow storm. Another 8 inches added to the pile. I think it was officially the snowiest February on record. 😂

Feb 20th

I woke up at 6am to get to the train and there was so much snow! Luckily the roads were plowed for the most part. Shoutout to all of the snow-plowers who have worked so hard this month with all of this snow! You da real MVP!

Feb 21st

My boyfriend left back to Fargo, and I was sad. It actually is nice having someone around who you can just enjoy each other’s company even while both interneting on the couch in silence. Long distance relationships suck. I put on one of the gifts I got from my boyfriend for my birthday: The Comfy. It’s basically a GIANT blanket that’s super soft and you wear like a hoodie. I love it. He knows me so well. 🥰

Feb 23th – Feb 24th

This is the first weekend in what feels like forever where I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. It’s so refreshing! I spent this day doing some batch work writing my blog posts. I cranked out quite a few that I’m pretty proud of! 😎I also went to the gym and tried kettlebells for the first time. It kicked my butt! But I want to continue doing it. 💪🏻If you’re curious, I followed this YouTube video.

The rest of Feb

Nothing spectacular happened during the rest of February! I suppose that’s probably a good thing. Like the saying “no news is good news”? I worked and went to the gym (looking at you kettlebells 😉) annnnnnnnnd that’s pretty much it. 😂

What about you? Did you do anything fun in February? Any cool trips you went on or good movies that you watched (that I need to check out!)? Let me know in the comments! 💕

Stay cozy!


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