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Our Little Trip to North Carolina

Hey friends! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป

This past weekend was President’s Day weekend and so (because I work for the government) I got the day off of work. Woohoo! My boyfriend also had the day off of work and was down in the cities visiting me for the week for my birthday/Valentine’s Day (yay LDR lol). We had actually made plans to visit one of his friend’s who is in the Marines and stationed out in North Carolina, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take a little trip out there โ˜บ๏ธ


We left bright and early on Friday morning. Thankfully I don’t live too far away from the airport, so we didn’t have to wake up TOO much earlier than I normally do for work. And we were smart because we made a list of things we needed to grab before we left (i.e. phone chargers, purse, passport, and Cheeze-its) so it made the morning a lot less stressful (I HIGHLY recommend doing this). We parked the car at a “Park-N-Go” which was actually SUPER nice because they drove us and dropped us off in a special entrance for those type of buses.

The line for security was SOOOOOOOOooooOOOOO long. It practically went all the way across the airport. Luckily we got there with plenty of time otherwise I would’ve been a lot more nervous. ๐Ÿ˜…I might make a blog post on tips + tricks for getting through security for people who have never flown before because it is QUITE the experience. But we got through security okay and then we had to do the next logical thing: get coffee.  We stopped by my fav Caribou Coffee to get a hot chocolate (okay maybe it wasn’t coffee)and a breakfast sandwich. Then we were off to the gate.

Our morning Caribou Coffee!

We flew into Charlotte, NC. It was so nice to not see any snow on the ground as we progressively flew further and further away from the Twin Cities. It reminded me of spring ๐Ÿ˜œWe had one more flight from Charlotte to Jacksonville, NC.

Jacksonville is by the coast. It was only like a 45 minute flight MAX. Probably less than that.

The Jacksonville airport was TINY. I knew it was obviously smaller than MSP airport, but it was literally like just one corridor with three gates. Needless to say, we found the exit pretty quickly ๐Ÿ˜‚My boyfriend’s friend picked us up from the airport and brought us back to his house. Him and his wife have a one-year old son so we played with him for a little bit. He was so SO cute. But also made me realize that although babies are so stinking cute, they are a lot of work! We spent the rest of the night relaxing on the couch with some popcorn (his favorite snack food is popcorn) while the boys played Madden 18 and us girls discussed The Bachelor.


On Saturday morning, we woke up to the smell of pancakes (mmmmmm pancakes!) and eggs. We had a delicious brunch and I was in heaven. It was also a very rainy day. After brunch, we got ready to take a walk. And I wanted to take my camera out and get some pictures. Because of the rain, we geared ourselves up with rain coats, umbrellas and for my camera, waterproof bag. Here are a couple of snaps I got on our walk.

We got back from the walk and I took a hot shower to warm up from the rain. We played Sushi-Go! which I had never played before but it was so fun!


Sunday was beach day. After breakfast, we packed up the car and headed to the beach. Some areas of the beach were still closed from the hurricane last year. You could tell that there must have been a lot of destruction. Also as a result of the hurricane, there were a whole bunch of shells that were on the beach. So we spent a long time looking at and collecting the shells. We found some good ones โ˜บ๏ธ

Once we came back from the beach, we relaxed for a little bit and then headed to dinner at a place called Mission BBQ. They don’t have any of these in Minnesota so I had never been there before. I got the pulled chicken sandwich and it was delicious! ๐Ÿ˜‹Then we came home and played more Sushi-Go!


On Monday, we spent our last full day by visiting the cute little seaside town of Swansboro, NC.

Unfortunately not many of the cute little shops were open due to President’s Day but there were a couple that were open. I got a couple of kitchen tea towels: a sea turtle one, and a blue seahorse one. They are so cute! I currently have one on my stove as I’m writing this blogpost. ๐Ÿ˜œ

We got lunch at this restaurant called The Boro. I had the fish and chips and it was delicious! We got to sit outside on the patio. In FEBRUARY!!! That would’ve never happened in Minnesota ๐Ÿ˜‚But the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Then I took some more pictures of the pier.

We came back home from Swansboro and I started packing โ˜น๏ธWe had bison burgers, tater tots, and roasted broccoli for dinner and I’m drooling just typing that out ๐Ÿคค

Then we had a bonfire outside and it was so nice to chat with everyone around the fire.

Then me and my boyfriend’s friends wife watched The Bachelor, while the boys played Rummikub, and the one-year old was sleeping.


Time to go back home. To the cold. We woke up early to get to the Jacksonville airport by 7:30, and since the airport is so tiny, it literally took like 30 seconds to get through security.

Then we had a long trip home…Jacksonville-to-Charlotte-to-Chicago-to-Minneapolis with several hours of layovers in between.

Bye NC! We had fun in you!

Now it’s back to reality…

Stay cozy!


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