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If It Costs You Your Peace, It’s Too Expensive

This is a life lesson that I am still trying to work on. I spend so much time worrying. Worrying about the future; worrying about something stupid I said the other day; worried about what other people think - sometimes it keeps me up at night. One thing that I'm trying to learn is to learn to ... READ the POST

Kitten Update

Hey friends! 👋🏻 What do you call a pile of cats? A meowtain. LOLOLOL. I know I just HAD to start out with a funny cat pun. Or a punny cat pun. If you read my post a little while back, you would know that my mom and dad recently adopted 2 kittens! Well....they recently turned 6 months ... READ the POST

How To Talk To Your SO About Money For The First Time

When you’re in a long-term relationship, the money talk will eventually come up sooner or later.  And, unfortunately, it might be one of the more difficulty (or even unpleasant) conversations you will have with your SO.  Oe things that can be particularly tough for couples: how to talk about money. ... READ the POST

Wednesday Wisdom | Be Scared and Do It Anyways

I came across this quote and it has quickly become one of my favorite mantras for life. Be scared and do it anyways. We have to face our fears almost every day. Many are scared to fly on airplanes but do it anyways because of the joy of getting to our final destinations. And that is one of ... READ the POST

Beauty Review // Little Barn Apothecary Coconut + Pear Refreshing Mineral Mist

Hey friends! 👋🏻 I was perusing one day and was looking for a nice product to use as a refresher after the gym. I came across the Little Barn Apothecary Coconut + Pear Refreshing Mineral Mist.  The Coconut + Pear Refreshing Mineral Mist is a refreshing and hydrating post-sun ... READ the POST

25 Things I Have Learned in 25 Years

Hey friends! 👋🏻 It's mah birthday today! The big ol' 2-5. A quarter of a century. Oh boy, I am starting to feel old now... A LOT has happened in my 25 years, particularly the most recent couple of years. I moved away from home to attend college, and then 4 years later, graduated from said ... READ the POST

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