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Favorite Target Beauty Bits

Hey friends! ☺️ I love love LOVE Target! Except I'm the first to admit that whenever I go to Target for ONE thing, my shopping cart is always full of other things that I didn't need but definitely wanted 😅So it's basically my weakness. Target has a great beauty section that I pretty much always ... READ the POST

Career Confessions | How I Became a Project Manager

Hey friends! ☺️ If you have ever really looked at many of the job descriptions for many PM jobs, most of them require AT LEAST 5-7 years of Project Management experience to even be considered for the position. So how exactly did I get a position as an IT Project Manager with NO formal ... READ the POST

My Skincare Wishlist

Hey friends! ☺️👋🏻 I have really been into skincare lately and have been researching so much for all of the products that I want to get. However 💸. So while I'm saving up for some of these products, I thought I would share with you some of the ones that I have my eyes on. Sound good? Let's ... READ the POST

5 EASY Tips + Tricks to Enhance YOUR LinkedIn Profile

If you have never heard of LinkedIn, think of FaceBook but for your work/professional life. It has a newsfeed, and you can "follow" people and companies that you would like to connect with. LinkedIn is such a great resource to find jobs and connect and network with people from your profession or ... READ the POST

Tips to Fight Those Winter Blues ❄️

Hey friends! ☺️👋🏻 It's the heart of winter and if you're like me, you're reallllllllly sick of the cold and darkness of the winter months. And I'm even writing this blog post as it's snowing cats and dogs out, and I'm so glad I'm cuddled up on the couch instead of trekking out in the snow. Of ... READ the POST

THE MONTH | February 2019

Hey friends! ☺️ Can you believe that February is over already?? This year is going by so fast! Anyways I thought I would do a recap of the month of February, what I got up to, things like that. Feb 2nd I celebrated my 25th birthday with my family. We celebrated the weekend before ... READ the POST

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