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Hey friends!  Welcome to HEYCOZYEM.COM

A lifestyle blog, HEYCOZYEM.COM is a place to celebrate creativity, encourage women in all aspects of their lives, and of course talk about all the cozy things!

I really want HEYCOZYEM.COM to be a place for REAL conversations, positivity, a creative space; that provides educational tips tricks and advice; that builds friendships, promotes #GIRLPOWER; that believes life is to short to be serious all the time, and above all, a fun community where we can all come to chat about things that we all experience in life.  Whether that be about relationships, beauty product reviews, or a cozy night in.

Meet the Founder

Hey there!  My name is Emily. 

I grew up in beautiful Minnesota (or as I like to call it, MinneSNOWta).  After studying Computer Science in college, I have worked in IT in Minneapolis for the last couple of years.  During that time, HEYCOZYEM.COM was born.

A little about me:

I love love LOVE animals, photography, technology, design, coffee, and plush blankets (here’s some of my favorites.) 

When I’m not scrolling through Pinterest, trekking into nature with my camera in hand, or cuddled up with the fireplace on sipping a hot chocolate, you can also find me on my YouTube channel where I make videos about my life and share it with you.


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